Training Courses

New Driver learn to drive

  • Start out on quiet roads to get to know the basics of car control
  • Gradually build up experience at your own pace
  • Move to the next stage when you feel you’re ready
  • Challenge yourself to take the next steps
  • Aim to be a better driver, then pass your test!

Learn to drive courses vary in length. According to the DVSA, the average number of hours is around 45, but of course everyone is different.

Prices start at £28/hr.

Experienced develop more skills

Motorway Confidence Builder
  • 2 hrs minimum of mainly fast, multi lane road driving. Learn advanced techniques to keep you and others safer, become more confident and more efficient
Reversing & Parking
  • From overflowing carparks to busy high streets, having more confidence when reversing / parking pays off every time. Learn new techniques on this 2 hour course, including methods of parallel parking!

Drive Safer, Save Cash

Eco Driving 101
  • YOU are spending TOO MUCH on fuel! Bad – but commonplace – driver habits cost you £100’s of extra fuel and servicing every year.
  • End this now with this course – you will never look back!
Defensive Driving for Safer Roads
  • 2.5 hours of the theory and practice of defensive driving; what is it? How does it affect me? What impact does it have on the roads? How can I use it? After this course you will never drive the same!

Courses can also be purchased as gifts

FREE with every Experienced Driver course, The DVSA Guide To Better driving

One per customer. Kindle or paperback. Offer ends 31.10.2020

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