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DCS driver training – automatic lessons in Welshpool

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With a provisional license, you’re ready to start your driving adventure.

Whether you have any previous driving experience or not, DCS can get you off on the right foot by focusing your training on how to drive, not just how to pass a test. You might find yourself learning to drive in Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Newtown, Welshpool… or any of the surrounding areas, including motorways and narrow country lanes!

Driving an automatic is what everyone is going to be doing soon. All new cars from 2030 will be automatic, and increasingly an auto gearbox is the only option now offered by manufacturers. This is having an effect on the used car market, where affordable auto boxes are now becoming widespread.

Drive Anywhere or Test Routes?

focusing only on a test pass can prove counter productive; you might end up knowing the test routes very well, but you may never find yourself on those roads again!

It’s widely recognised that being a good driver is more than good car control. Take a look at this article from the RAC. How many of those habits do you see in other, experienced drivers..?!

The aim of the game will be to become an all – round defensively minded driver with good road knowledge, awareness of the problems, and the ability to deal with them.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you won’t be aiming for a test pass – that pink license is what you’re looking for, after all!

By focusing on being a better driver, as well as the disciplines needed to be a successful test candidate, you will be heading for the test centre knowing that your driving is solid and that you have a pretty good chance of passing.

How to pass

Remember, the examiner is not looking for the perfect driver – they don’t exist! But by driving safely and confidently you’ll be putting yourself in a great position

Making a start

Use the contact details to discuss / arrange your first session. On this session you will get to know the basics of car control. If it’s your first time behind the wheel, you may find a few nerves jangling; this is quite normal, and trainees nearly always find by the end of this first time they are absolutely buzzing to have learned a new skill!

DCS makes learning a life skill even easier

All trainees can take advantage of the DCS / app, which gives updates on progress, next session times, test booking arrangements and loads more… FREE! Click here for more info:

Get in touch now to start your driving adventure. Key points:

It’s advisable to contact around 3 months in advance to ensure good availability.

Prices £40 / £45 hr, depending on location

You need to have a provisional license to begin training

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