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  • 2 hour minimum, covering every road environment

Do you drive for a living? For pleasure? Commute? Chances are, whatever you drive for, you’re paying more than you could be to run your car. Research in 2017 by Direct Line DrivePlus calculated that poor driving habits add around 67% to a fuel bill. That’s an extra £134 on a £200 / month fuel bill! And that’s before looking at additional servicing.

Think of what you could spend that on!

Don’t despair though, as this course is designed to rid you of those habits for good. From steadier control to planning further ahead, the techniques and skills of a solid Eco Safe driver are not hard to master – and are guaranteed to save you money if used consistently and correctly. What’s more, Eco Safe driving not just saves you cash, but helps reduce environmental emissions.

It’s a genuine win/win scenario!

For more info on this critical skill, and to discuss taking a course, get in touch. Or, use the button below to sign up now. You will not regret it!

Eco Driving 101

A 2 hour course


Once you’ve ordered and payed for the course, DCS will be in touch to confirm booking, discuss suitable dates / times etc.

Course offered subject to availability. Client must have full UK license. Exact route and details confirmed before the course but may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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