Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I use my own car?
    • Yes you can! Although if you’re new to driving, you might want to use the training car to begin with as it has enhanced safety equipment
  • How much are sessions?
    • Current prices can be found on the relevant course pages of the website
  • Do you do block booking?
    • Under normal circumstances, yes, currently, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, I’ll be sticking to pay as you go.
  • What payment methods do you use?
    • You can pay by contactless card in car, secure payment on the website (incl Paypal) or BACS by arrangement.
  • Do you recommend a theory training app?
    • There are many quality apps available on Apple and Android. DCS uses Theory Test Pro, and learner drivers can sign up for free and unlimited access.
  • Can you meet me at school / college / work etc…?
    • Absolutely! It’s usually no problem at all to start / finish your session anywhere convenient for you, as long as it fits in with my calendar.

Test Day

  • Who’s car will I be using?
    • It will generally depend on which you’ve been using for training. If you’ve mainly driven your own, and that’s the vehicle you feel most comfortable with, then you can use that as long as it fits DVSA regulations here. However, the vast majority of trainees use the training car for test. A nominal charge is applied for using this car, which is in addition to any pre-test training session taken.
  • Will I have a lesson before the test?
    • It’s up to you. Most test candidates will take advantage of a ‘warm up’ drive right before heading to test centre. Feedback is that it helps to settle them in, iron out any final issues, and calm the nerves.
  • Who comes with me on test?
    • During the pandemic, just the examiner, who sits where I usually sit! Occasionally, they may be accompanied by a more senior examiner who will be there to observe them, not you, as part of their ongoing training. This is quite rare though.
  • What happens when I get to the test centre?
    • We’ll park up (reverse of course!) and await the examiner. After a couple of minutes they will join us, and take you through some important checks such as confirming the car is legally insured etc and that your address is correct. After this, they’ll check you vision by asking you to read a number plate from a distance of roughly 20m. They will then ask you one of the ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ questions, and ask you to make yourself comfortable in the car. And then you’re off!
    • At the moment, during the pandemic there are a few changes to normal routine. See DVSA info page for full details.

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