Covid Safe Working

What DCS is doing – and what you’re asked to do


Having received guidance from the DVSA and professional instructors’ association, the Adinjc, I have put together this working procedure to ensure we can work together safely. This document outlines the guidance that we both must follow to ensure we can work together in a Covid free environment.

Covid 19 Symptoms

The main symptoms of Covid 19 are:

New Repetitive Cough
Shortness of breath
Loss of taste or smell.

Test Track and Trace.

The Test Track and Trace system has been set up by the Government so if any person shows any of these symptoms they must get a test and self isolate. They then must share details of all close contacts they have had recently so that they and their families can also isolate. This is very important because, as we will be in close proximity and cannot keep to recommended social distancing measures it is easier for the virus to spread between two people.

DCS driver training is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Handler and fully complies with European GDPR in regards to client data. This includes full compliance with UK governments’ Test & Trace programs.

The following measures will now be put in place going forward and they outline the dual responsibility we have to work in a Covid free environment.

What I am doing.

If I show any symptoms I will get tested and contact you all and put lessons on hold until I have completed the isolation period.

Throughout my working day I will keep regularly good hygiene by washing my hands for 20 seconds or more and use hand sanitizer regularly.

I will contact you via text approx 2 hours before your session to ask you to confirm ‘Covid Safe Compliance’

I will limit the number of clients I see on a daily basis to a maximum of four of which you yourself will be one.

In between each lesson the car will be deeply sanitized including all touch points, eg. Steering wheel, Gear stick, seat belt clasp, mirror etc.

Before the lesson starts we will discuss outside the car, where possible, with a two metre gap, the goals we want to achieve for the lesson.

Inside the car I will wear a face covering.

If I need to take control of the car and touch anything, wipes will be on hand to sanitize affected areas.

Windows will be opened to help with ventilation.

If a demonstration is necessary the car will be sanitized again before you take control.

At the end of the lesson the debrief will be done outside the vehicle at a two metre gap.

What you can do.

If you or anyone in your household have developed any symptoms you must cancel your lesson which is free of charge. If you have symptoms you must order a test and follow the Test Track and Trace system guidelines. Please follow the link below for guidance.



Please ensure that you have thoroughly washed your hands for at least 20 seconds before leaving your house and try not to touch anything on the way out. For example if someone is at home, kindly ask them to open the door for you.

Please only bring essentials to the vehicle. If you normally bring your phone / housekeys they must be able to be kept in your pocket. Bringing a drink is absolutely fine.

Please wear fresh clothes. Consider a change of clothes that have not been worn since washed. Try to cover as much as you can. T-shirts are acceptable however shorts will not be permitted. Any handbags or jackets will need to be stored in the boot. Plastic bags will be available for the storage of such items to prevent cross contamination.

Long hair must be tied back at all times..

Please make payments after your session via bank transfer or the payment facility on website. Payment can also be taken in car via contactless card.

You will be required to wear a face covering. This can be disposable which I can provide if you don’t have one available.

Gloves will be available but will not be mandatory. You can choose to use them should you wish.

After entering the car please use the hand sanitizer provided.

After the lesson when you arrive home please wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds or more and dispose of your face covering if provided by me.

Please change your clothes and perhaps even consider taking a shower or bath.

Other rules

Smoking or the use of E cigarettes will not be allowed at any point during a session.

Hand shaking or high fives will no longer be allowed

Please try to refrain from touching your mouth, nose or ears.

Should any coughing or sneezing take place the car will be stopped at the earliest convenience to be sanitized.

Unless I pick you up from work, college or school I can only return you to where I picked you up at the start of your session. If I do pick you up from any of the above please ensure you have a fresh change of clothes.

Please note for the time being I will not be accepting block payments. Each session will have to be paid on an individual basis. This is in case of another lockdown

Thank you for your cooperation in this. Together we can work towards getting back to a newer normal 🙂

The disinfectant used in the car is diluted Zoflora. A copy of the Data Sheet for this product can be downloaded below.

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