Covid Safe Working

What DCS is doing – and what you’re asked to do [updated April 2022]


The legalities and guidelines for working with Covid have now changed throughout the UK. Search for latest news.

Whilst this is the case, personal responsibility for helping to limit the transmission of Covid is still applicable. DCS will continue to ensure as safe a working environment as possible, with regular disinfectant use [data sheet below], use of masks where requested and monitoring of personal health.

I am continuing to take regular LFT’s, and, although no longer a legal requirement, will not hesitate to rearrange a lesson if I or my students display any of the recognised symptoms of Covid 19 infection, even if it is a precautionary measure.

What students need to do:

DCS requires all students to continue to inform if they, or anyone in their immediate household, has or suspects they might have contracted Covid.

It will then be our decision on whether to continue with any lesson, but final discretion rests with DCS. There will continue to be no charge for lessons cancelled due to Covid where notice as per T & Cs has been given.

Whilst masks are no longer a legal requirement, it is up to the student whether or not they wear one in car, although if requested by DCS then a mask must be worn.

The DVSA rules for attending driving and theory tests has also changed. Please search ‘DVSA driving tests’ for latest info.

These terms are not exhaustive, and simply form the basis of sensible working practice as we exit the pandemic. If you are in any doubt, get in touch.

Thank you.

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