Learn to drive in the new Yaris Cross

Best of both worlds in this hybrid auto


  • Sponsoring Local Football

    DCS is proud to be a Sleeve Sponsor for Welshpool Juniors Under 11s for the 22/23 season. After a hugely successful 2021 campaign, the club kicked off the new season yesterday with a friendly, winning 9-2. Here’s the team looking very sharp in their new kit. Great start guys! More info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337896219672511

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  • Automatic For The Pupil

    DCS driver training is going auto! Over the years I’ve been doing this job, it’s been fascinating to note the changes that have occurred in the industry, some subtle, some not so. A decade might not seem like a long time, but when you consider that, back when I was considering Instructor training, diesels were […]

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  • Learn to drive in Oswestry? It’s all systems go!

    It’s a waiting game DCS, along with other driver trainers in the Oswestry, Welshpool and Shrewsbury areas, has been back training new drivers for best part of 3 months now, and it’s pretty full on for learners, trainers and examiners alike. Unfortunately this huge backlog in demand has inevitably led to big waiting lists for […]

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  • Not long now until you can start to learn to drive again!

    Not long now until you can start to learn to drive again!

    I hope you and your loved ones are well and keeping safe. What a very hard winter it’s been. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to, amongst many other things, learn to drive in Oswestry or across the border in Wales, but with spring finally here though, hope is in the air. For […]

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  • Learn to drive in Oswestry…

    Learn to drive in Oswestry…

    Learn to drive in Oswestry and you’ll face many challenges, including very worn out road markings

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  • Driving Test Booking Resumes Normal Service

    Although we’re still going through uncertain times, the DVSA has recently announced that, after months of disruption, the test booking service has now allocated several hundred thousand appointments. This covers a huge backlog of candidates awaiting patiently for a test date. Booking tests right through to January might seem like a risky strategy currently, but […]

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