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  • 2 hour minimum driving, mostly on M54 / M6 or A483 / M53

According to the RAC, around 8 million motorists, or 20 % of current drivers, flatly refuse to drive on motorways, and a further 22% don’t ever really want to use them if they can avoid it. This despite motorways statistically being the safest roads in the UK.

This course is designed to tackle some of the fear and trepidation about driving in a multi lane environment. From overtaking safely to proper use of the hard shoulder, whether you drive motorways and dual carriageways regularly, or have not ventured on to them for some time, you’re sure to benefit from the valuable, potentially crucial skills you will learn on this course.

Motorway Confidence Builder

A 2hr+ hour course


Once you’ve ordered and payed for the course, DCS will be in touch to confirm booking, discuss suitable dates / times etc.

Course offered subject to availability. Client must have full UK license. Exact route and details confirmed before the course but may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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