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DCS offers unlimited access to Theory Test Pro as a standalone course, as well as providing it free to all New Driver trainees.

TTP is the industry-leading software that covers the entire Official DVSA Theory Test question bank, plus Hazard Perception test practice clips. Whilst having a copy of the Highway Code close to hand is always a great idea for New Drivers, many find the interactive element of Theory Test Pro gives far greater preparation for the test itself – and it’s always right up to date!

Try it for yourself!

Theory Test Pro in partnership with DCS driver training

Or sign up for the low price of…

£5 for 3 months of unlimited access!

That’s a 50% saving on the TTP website sign up!

DCS will also provide limited text / phone support with your theory questions for the duration of your sub.

To set up a 3 month sub, contact DCS today

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