Latest Driving Test Results

It’s extremely unusual for a driving instructor / school to publish their trainees’ driving test results like this. You’ll often see ‘high pass rate’ or something like that, but clear figures are harder to get….

So DCS is doing it differently. Cutting through the marketing speak.

Figures are for the years 2020 / 21.

Dates are January 2020- to present day, although of course there was a long break between March and July 20 when all tests were stopped due to Covid 19, and tests did not resume after the winter lockdown until 20 April. (The last test in 2020 and the first test in 21 are the same trainee 😃)

For comparison, here’s a useful table from the Shropshire Star which highlights average pass rates at all of the test centres in the area.

To help you make a better decision on who you train with, DCS driver training is committed to an open, honest way of working, from upfront pricing structure to easily available success rates.

DateResultAttempt No
01/07/21Try Again 🤞 1
18/06/21 PASS 😀 2
15/06/21 PASS 😀1
08/06/21 PASS 😀 1
07/06/21 PASS 😀1
03/06/21 PASS 😀 1 (with DCS)
01/06/21 PASS 😀 2
13/05/21Try Again 🤞 1
10/05/21PASS 😀 2
18/12/20Try Again 🤞 1
09/12/20Try Again 🤞1
08/12/20PASS 😀1
20/10/20PASS 😀1
11/09/20PASS 😀1
07/09/20PASS 😀1
21/08/20PASS 😀2
13/08/20PASS 😀1
27/07/20Try Again 🤞1
16/03/20PASS 😀3
05/03/20PASS 😀2
All tests, 2020. Note: no tests undertaken by DVSA April – mid July
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