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  • Driving Test Booking Resumes Normal Service

    Although we’re still going through uncertain times, the DVSA has recently announced that, after months of disruption, the test booking service has now allocated several hundred thousand appointments. This covers a huge backlog of candidates awaiting patiently for a test date. Booking tests right through to January might seem like a risky strategy currently, but…

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  • Video Games Vs Real Life

    Quite a lot of my trainees enjoy gaming, as I do too. And very often something will come up around comparing playing a game to learning to drive; using hand / eye coordination, gaining experience by attempting missions / manoeuvres, levelling up… That sort of thing. Any gamer who’s played on one of the most…

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  • Sunday Ramble

    Like so much in life, my hair is a grey area Like any job, it’s nice to get away from mine for at least one day a week. It’s pretty full on at the moment, and even though it’s been another rewarding 7 days job satisfaction wise, my girls certainly appreciate the slightly less stressed…

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  • DVSA announce test booking to reopen

    DVSA announce test booking to reopen

    From tomorrow, Friday 21 August, the test booking service from the DVSA is to reopen to candidates in England and Wales. It’s been a long time coming, as examiners try to clear the backlog of both critical worker tests and those candidates who had a test booked before lockdown. The DVSA say that everyone in…

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  • Cambridge’s Dutch experiment

    What you are looking at above may seem unusual, and there’s a good reason for that. We’re not used to seeing so many markings (or colours) on a roundabout in the UK, so there’s obviously something different about it. The key difference is that priority – usually, unarguably, given to the motorist – is given…

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  • Has driving got worse during lockdown?

    It’s been mentioned by a few trainees over the past two weeks that, as restrictions have gradually been lifted, the number of incidents they’ve witnessed on the roads, as either a learner or a passenger, has increased. This observation was something that had occurred to me a couple of times too. Whilst on drives in…

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