Would you pay a subscription to get continued driver training..?

From razors to bikes, subs based services are everywhere

But how would it work in driver education? That, probably, depends on the value the prospective client puts on the acquisition of skills that could not only save them money, but also save someone’s life.

For example, see how many non-human causes of accident you can find on this brilliant (but slightly depressing) graphic from comparethemarket.com

A regular subscription could include some or all of these

  • Continuous access to the latest advanced techniques and skills
  • On-tap guidance and training on any driving related issue (parallel parking anyone..?)
  • Up to date training on defensive and eco efficient driving (guaranteed to save you cash!)
  • Unlimited online access to the huge bank of official DVSA theory knowledge resources
  • Regular expert in car teaching and coaching
  • Advice, guidance and support on everything from Highway Code to learner insurance
  • All of this available on a one to one basis as-near-as-possible-on-demand

Just some ideas I’ve been kicking around in the ongoing effort to modernise the BDE (business of driver education).

What do you think?

I’ll leave it there with this brief true story.

When I started my instructor driver training, after 25 years of driving I had so many bad habits that I had to stick postcards all over the car to remind me to, among other things, check my mirrors before signalling. They stayed in the car for 6 months, which is how long it took me to iron out those habits.

And if you’re not sure why you should check mirrors before signalling, take a look at this video and ask yourself – could that have happened to me?

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